Background Info: About Black Mold Dangers

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Black Mold Dangers: The Black Mold Danger chain reaction can start at anytime with exposure to Black Mold. Black Mold leads to Anxiety and Cortisol or Adrenal Gland issues like adrenal fatigue, low cortisol, or high cortisol. Basically Black mold harms the adrenal glands and when this happens anxiety, depression and other mental issues including psychosis can prevail. Then more health issues like diabetes can occur. Black Mold is a Serious Health Danger that can be seen or hiding in your walls or elsewhere. So the Root Cause of your Anxiety may be in your Walls… While it does trend to start with only allergy/respiratory symptoms…the Long Term Symptoms are much worse.

With the Long Term it can cause a Chain Reaction of Health Issues:

  • Anxiety and Psychosis
  • Memory Loss
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Bronchitis
  • Adrenal Issues
  • and much more…even Death!

Most doctors just don’t understand black mold dangers and will just prescribe a dangerous Benzo like Ativan for Anxiety when you ask for help. They will tell you Black Mold is Natural. The Good News! If you find the problem in time there is Hope… This site is your Resource for Black Mold Dangers, Adrenal/Cortisol Issues, Anxiety, Dangers of Prescription Meds, The Benefits of Natural Treatment and Available Natural Treatment Options.

Natural Anxiety Supplements and Remedies

Since prescription drugs (like Ativan) can have dangerous side effects, Natural Anxiety Treatments and Remedies can be a much better choice to treat anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and other mental illnesses. We hope to educate about prescription drugs and their dangerous side effects. Many of us run to our doctor when we have anxiety or problems sleeping and many doctors prescribe a Benzo like Ativan for anxiety or Ambien for sleep problems but drugs like these can be downright dangerous! Why take those prescription medications with nasty side effects when you can take natural and safe supplements instead? offers information about Natural Anxiety and Depression Supplements and Remedies, Natural Safe Products, Products Reviews, Info regarding the Dangers of Prescription Medications, Latest Health News, and much more. Please go to the Treatment Options section to find out more about Natural Alternatives to Prescription Medications.

Benefits of Natural Remedies

Much fewer side effects is the major advantage for taking natural anxiety remedies. For example, Valerian can cause drowsiness and headaches have been reported and Passionflower is know for drowsiness, confusion, and dizziness. However, by far much fewer side effects for these natural alternative compared to a drug like Ativan.

So the benefits are:

  • Safer to take
  • Generally low cost
  • No prescription or office visit
  • No worry about withdrawal
  • Does not effect your personality

The Few Disadvantages:

  • Few studies have been done on natural anxiety remedies
  • Kava can cause liver problems and you should avoid this supplement